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General information

City Index is one of the oldest brokers. It was registered in the UK in 1983 when no one even thought about opening many other similar companies operating in our time. The broker was an independent unit for a long time, but since 2014 it has become part of a well-known holding. City Index is reliable and honest. He is licensed by the eminent British regulator, which once again proves the reliability of the previous statement. Even though the company has a British registration, its main office is in the United States. There are also similar establishments in London, Tokyo, Sydney, and other major cities worldwide.

The activity of the broker is straightforward and transparent. His website has much helpful information to help you get to know him better. This web resource is presented in English, for which City Index does not provide alternatives. This creates specific difficulties for people who do not speak such a language. For customers' convenience, the company allows them to choose one of 3 popular trading platforms. They include Web Trader, AT Pro, and MT4.

City Index offers clients several types of accounts. The most popular of these is "Standard." It is perfect for beginners as it provides access to trading various assets, 24/7 support, and many other perks. An alternative to "Standard" is "MT4 account". It maximizes the possibilities of a trader, which is well suited for professionals. City Index has two demo account options that allow you to try out the "Standard" and "MT4 account" in action.

Features of cooperation

City Index broker review should contain information about cooperation with the company. This process is quite simple and does not require excessive efforts from traders.

Operating procedure:

  1. On the broker's website, click the "Open account" button. It is located at the top of the main page, so it will be straightforward to find.
  2. Go through the standard registration procedure. It provides for the introduction of specific data required to create an account.
  3. At the final stage of registration, go through the verification procedure. To do this, provide the company with scans of documents confirming your identity. Verification does not happen instantly, so you have to wait a while.
  4. After registering on the site, choose the appropriate type of account. You can also open a demo account and trade with virtual money.
  5. Log in to your account on the chosen platform. After that, link your account to the broker's account.
  6. Set the necessary trading parameters and start working.

City Index broker has been operating for several decades. Users have revealed all its secrets and shared this information with a broad audience. This data will be helpful for beginners and experienced traders.

Broker features:

  1. Trading assets. For trading, traders can choose more than eight dozen currency pairs, about 30 goods, 21 indices, 4.5 thousand types of stocks, and cryptocurrency. Users like this variety very much. They can choose the most suitable asset, the trading of which will be as comfortable as possible.
  2. Technical support. City Index clients can ask for help from company representatives. To do this, you need to call the phone number on the site, write an e-mail or chat with the operator in the online chat. At the same time, it is worth remembering that traders' applications are considered only if they are issued in English, German, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, or Chinese.
  3. Training. City Index has no lessons, online training, or other similar activities. In doing so, they provide access to an introductory text section. The information in it will help you understand the nuances of working with a broker and learn the basics of Forex trading.
  4. Deposit/withdrawal of money. Both of these processes can be a problem for users. Replenishment of the account is carried out only with the help of bank cards and transfers. In the same way, you can withdraw the earned funds. This operation takes 1-2 days. However, if you need money urgently, you can make an instant bank transfer with a fee of 25 pounds sterling.
  5. Safety. The broker is considered relatively safe. It guarantees the safety of funds on user accounts and does not provide third parties access to the trader's personal information.
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support

Forex City Index broker is one of the leaders in the number of years of work. It has been present on the world stage for a long time. Therefore it deserves respect and attention of traders. It gives the latter a chance to work comfortably and earn money on asset trading. Knowing this company better, you can understand all its secrets and take cooperation to a new level.


Not every trader carefully chooses a broker, studying all the available information about him. At the same time, everyone, without exception, looks at the lists of pros and cons. They allow you to get a general idea about the broker and the expediency of cooperation with him.

Pros Cons
Vast work experience Long procedure for withdrawing earned money
License from an authoritative regulator
Vast opportunities for trade
No commissions
Variety of deposit/withdrawal options
A large selection of valuable add-ons
Online chat
The ability to work on any device
Availability of opening a virtual account
Much positive feedback

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