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About Extreme Forex

The robot with the catchy name Extreme Forex is designed to implement a scalping strategy. He independently searches for optimal entry points to the market and closes transactions after receiving a small profit. Hundreds of such operations were carried out to generate a good income. In the work process, the bot uses unique algorithms that minimize the risks of a negative outcome of transactions.

Extreme Forex is a very secretive bot. Almost nothing is known about its developers, which causes some traders to doubt the effectiveness of this trading tool. Numerous positive reviews about the work of the robot dispel such doubts. At the same time, the lack of information about the owners and their activities remains the main negative point.

Extreme Forex has two service packages. The first one is called "Power" and is offered for $99 per month. For such money, a trader has the opportunity to trade with a minimum investment (from $50), receive a monthly profit of 80% -90% of the invested funds, and many other privileges. The alternative tariff is "Super Power." It is intended for experienced traders willing to invest more than $1000 in trading. This plan does not include a monthly fee. However, every 30 days, 25% of the income received will be withdrawn from your account. Such a significant difference between subscriptions is rare, but many people speak positively about this feature.

Features of use

Extreme Forex cannot be called a super-difficult bot to use. Despite this, traders need to know the correct sequence for performing all the preparatory steps. Only in this case will it be possible to avoid mistakes and find a worthy application for the Forex robot.


  1. Open the official website and scroll through the main page.
  2. Could you find information about tariffs on it? Under each of them, there is a “Get Started” button, clicking on which takes you to the registration page.
  3. Enter the required data and confirm the registration.
  4. After that, make a payment (if you have chosen the Power subscription).
  5. As soon as the money is credited to the company's account, the installation file of the robot will become available to you.
  6. Follow all instructions of the installation wizard and download the assistant to your computer.
  7. Next, link the robot to your MT4 account and start trading.

The lack of information about the robot and its work always leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. To prevent this, you must find all available data about Extreme Forex. They are present in our review and help to understand the bot's operation better.


Discounts Extreme Forex is quite an expensive bot. However, each of the customers has the opportunity to save a lot due to the 30% discount. You need to pay a subscription, not for one month, but one year. Such a discount is valid only in the "Power" tariff and does not apply to "Super Power.”
Demo account The developer's website states that before trading on a real account, each trader can try the bot on a virtual one. This opportunity allows you to get accurate data on the efficiency and profitability of the robot. You can use a demo account for an unlimited amount of time, which is essential for traders who use it as a simulator.
Money-back guarantees Everyone who buys the Power package can count on a return on investment. It is recommended to do this only if the robot does not live up to your expectations (for example, it turned out to be inefficient). This option is available to traders only two weeks from the moment of depositing money. Refunds are made within a few days in the same way used for payment. No transaction fees are charged.
Customer support The owner of the robot has a relatively meager choice of communication methods. Traders can only reach out to the developers via e-mails or send a request through the feedback form. Customer support is available 24/7, so responses come pretty quickly.
Useful additions Extreme Forex is quite a modern robot. It is constantly supplemented with various functions that simplify the trader's work and make it more comfortable. Among the many valuable innovations, there are automatic diagnostics that help detect multiple failures in the bot and the ability to determine GMT independently.
Risks he robot developer provides clients access to a document that lists all the trader's risks. After carefully studying this information, we can conclude that the owner of Extreme Forex disclaims responsibility for almost everything. In this regard, you must be as careful as possible when trading.
Exchanges Supported
Customer Support


Most often, traders praise a trading robot based on the list of its advantages. At the same time, shortcomings are used as a basis for negative reviews. In this regard, the paragraph describing the pros/cons of the bot is an essential and integral part of any review.

Pros Cons
Application of unique algorithms Lack of information about owners
Efficiency High prices
A lot of good reviews
Variety of tariffs
Simple installation
Availability of discounts
Customer support 24/7
Demo account
Financial guarantees for the return of money
Additional functions

Finding the best Forex robot is always very difficult. This is because only some of them will meet all the needs of a trader and perform well in business. In order not to engage in long searches, you should try Extreme Forex. This bot works like an experienced trader and does not miss any opportunity to increase capital.

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