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How TechBerry works?

TechBerry has a reputation for being one of the best trading platforms. It appeared about eight years ago and quickly became a leader in its field. This became possible thanks to a competent approach to work and the desire to offer customers the most favorable conditions for cooperation. TechBerry is on a path of continuous improvement. It introduces various interesting novelties into its work, increasing trading efficiency and making it more profitable. One such development is AI (artificial intelligence). It is used to analyze the actions of professional traders and choose the best trading strategy.

All TechBerry clients can automate the trading process. In this case, most of the work is given to AI, which quickly collects the necessary information, studies it in detail, and draws the appropriate conclusions. The result is the choice of a suitable algorithm of actions in which the risks will be minimized, and the probability of making a big profit will be as high as possible. Such algorithms are chosen separately for each case, so the chances of completing a trade are much higher than on other platforms.

Features of working on the platform

To become a successful trader, it is enough to register on the platform and buy a subscription. This procedure takes only a few minutes and is not difficult, even for users who were not previously familiar with TechBerry. After completing the simple preparatory steps, you can start trading automatically. This process is straightforward, as human intervention in the work becomes minimal. If a trader wants to trade manually, TechBerry gives him such an opportunity. However, the efficiency of such work will be significantly lower than in the case of process automation.

The platform guarantees 11.2% monthly profit. However, in most cases, the value of this indicator is much higher than stated. Another important feature of working with TechBerry is the ability to protect yourself from losses. This option is not available on every social trading platform. For those who are used to using the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 terminals, TechBerry offers the possibility of integrating the platform with each of them. This is done as simply as possible, so it will be possible to get down to business in a couple of minutes.

How secure is TechBerry?

For more than seven years, TechBerry has been working on its reputation. Thanks to this, the platform is the most secure platform for beginners and experienced traders. Proof of this is the vast number of active users, increasing daily. In addition, TechBerry cooperates with many well-known brokers such as FxPro, Instaforex, ThinkMarkets, Libertex, Ameritrade, and others. They have a large client base and only work with the best platforms. Various financial regulators closely monitor the work of TechBerry. All of them speak positively about the platform and do not find any shortcomings.

TechBerry is also safe in terms of protecting the personal data of customers. They are not disclosed or transferred to third parties and are protected by particular encryption methods. All this eliminates the leakage of any information. There is no reason to worry about the money in the trading account.

TechBerry's efficiency secret

The secret of the platform's effectiveness lies in the details. It absorbs all the best and modern, which can improve the quality of analytical work and reduce the percentage of unsuccessful transactions. TechBerry always strives to be ahead of the competition. The company is the first to introduce advanced developments and constantly upgrades the platform. This makes it possible to increase work efficiency and make tens of thousands of traders happy.

Available subscription options

To attract the attention of a large number of traders, TechBerry has formed a unique tariff scale. It includes paid and free subscription options. The latter becomes available immediately after the registration is completed. It lasts two weeks, during which traders can get to know the platform and automated trading possibilities.

TechBerry has seven paid plans. They are diverse, so even the pickiest client can choose one. The subscription price is low. It is 9$-499$, after payment, of which you can use the platform's services for a whole year. The main criterion for choosing a tariff for traders is the minimum deposit size. It varies from $1,000 to $500,000. Options with a small initial investment are suitable for beginners and with maximum investment - for professionals.

Other features of TechBerry tariffs:

•        service fee of 15%-50% of the trader's income;

•        trading losses reimbursement – from 40% to 100%;

•        real-time trade monitoring is available only for the five most expensive tariffs;

•        a personal manager will work with clients who have chosen the four most status subscription options.


There is no doubt that TechBerry is the best social trading platform. If anyone disagrees with this statement, look at the list of advantages and disadvantages. The first TechBerry has several dozen, so listing all of them can take several hours. At the same time, the platform's operation has a minimum of negative aspects.

Pros Cons
good reputation possibility of integration with only two trading terminals;
status financial regulators some difficulties during verification
cooperation with well-known brokers
introduction of modern developments
high-quality analytical work


TechBerry never disappoints. The advanced developments the platform uses make it possible to always stay in the black and trade only in case of a high probability of success. This approach increases work efficiency and brings a stable income to each client. All of the above, combined with low prices for top rates and minimal commissions, makes TechBerry the undisputed leader in social trading.


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